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Colombo 06 (Wellawatta) is a large, densely populated suburb. It is heavily packed with modern shops and scattered residential buildings. Client wanted a modern House with minimum whitish & woody interior concept to relax inside the house with a peaceful mind.

Our Idea was to design in boxy and geometric with a hidden roof and giving a dramatic cubic appearance to the exterior. Using different materials in one area can highlight a space, enfolded in aluminum, concrete, stone finish and glass. This stunning vertical aluminum facade gives a dynamic quality to the exterior.

On the interior, it is reflecting the simplicity through the whitish & woody concept while geometric lines are again repeated throughout the interior design. It has a simple, boxy shape with large, continuous floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors spanning all sides of the home.
The set of materials, heights, volumes and elements give as a consequence an extremely interesting façade where contrasts between light and shadow, solid and empty, light and solid, arranged in a perfect harmony that gives character and unity to the design.


Mr. Samarakoon

Residence @

Colombo 06

Client                      : Mr.Namal Samarakoon

Project Type             : Residential - Two Storey + Roof Terrace

Floor Area               : 5500 SqFt

Project Completed    : 2019

Construction Period  : 11 months

Architectural Firm     : RAPA 

Structural Engineer   : M.C.R.Kumara

Quantity Surveyor    : Madhuka De Soyza

Photography           : MAD factory

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