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Ella is a beautiful town in the hills of Sri Lanka which is filled with tea estates, mountains, worldwide famous nine arch bridges, waterfalls, mini Adam's Peak and of course with some good air to breathe. Lots of people make Ella as one of their must visit destination just to witness the breathtaking views it creates. It is a dream place for many trekkers with some of the best hikes the Island provides. Views of mist and clouds covering the summits of the mountain range and the morning sun rise in Ella are spectacular scenes to witness and captured. After a fresh hike in the morning, hit a waterfall, grab some tasty Sri Lankan foods from somewhere with a beer, rest for a while and go for a rail walk to famous Nine Arch Bridge in the evening, you would sure love the all experience. This hidden village got vastly popular among the tourists lately.

Ella got its own historic values with the link to the Legendary Ravana stories too. You can explore all of them while you are here. Ella certainly is a place with plenty of things to do which will keep you busy and happy. If you are looking for a place to unwind from your busy lifestyle and to spend some peaceful, relaxed time with the nature, this is the place and you will leave Ella with some fond memories to last a life time!

Site is situated near the entrance path to Mini Adam’s peak and capturing absolutely stunning views of mountains. So Idea was try to get maximum feeling of fresh, cool mountain views to the rooms. To full fill that, we provided a large balcony with a private Jacuzzi to each room. It gives mind blowing relaxing space, to people who are living in the rooms. Old hotel building was renovated and added new 35 bed rooms and few other facilities. Architecturally gave some rustic finishes to the building spaces and merging to the owner’s existing beautiful flower garden that is well famous among foreigners as well as local tourists.


Flower Garden Hotel @ Ella

Client                         : Mr.Shashika

Project Type             : Hotel & Restaurant 

Floor Area               : 1670 Sqm

Project Completed    : 2018

Construction Period  : 24 months

Architectural Firm     : RAPA 

Structural Engineer   : W.M.D.Ranasinghe

MEP Enginner          : Sajith Rathnayaka /Thilanka Rathnayaka

Quantity Surveyor    : Madhuka De Soyza

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