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Nugegoda-Pagoda area is a large, densely populated suburb of Colombo. Also this area is a collection of heavily packed modern shops and mixed residential buildings. Client is an IT engineer and had a dream for a modern cubic house. Site is 10 perches and situated in pagoda. His idea was highly matched when considering the site context and the characteristics of the surrounding.
We tried to build a modern form to the house like, Shape is very important in any design. Shape defines style along with other elements like color palette, material and influence.
This modern contemporary house has a minimalist design feature and hasn’t any unnecessary decorative features. The house is mostly featuring with geometric, cube-shaped forms and plain colors. Also Client wanted a very simple outer appearance. This minimalist façade is emphasizing some simple moods and decors rather than using lots of materials.



Residence @


Client                         : Mr. Aruna

Project Type             : Residential - Two Storey + Roof Terrace

Floor Area               : 5000 SqFt

Project Completed    : 2017

Construction Period  : 12 months

Architectural Firm     : RAPA 

Structural Engineer   : M.C.R.Kumara

Quantity Surveyor    : Madhuka De Soyza

Photography            : Lakmal Galagoda

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